Marketing Your Branch, 2012 Style

Every year we provide you with great ideas for  Marketing your location.  Over the years we have evolved our approach to fit into the ever changing world inside your retail center.  This year we are giving you our overview of Marketing 2012 Style, I know it’s a catchy phrase!  If you are reading this paper, then you or someone you know makes their living at an In-Store financial Center.  If you are a client of IBT Enterprises, then you have had the ability to access years and years worth of Marketing campaigns and fun gimmicks to keep the energy level high at your center.  As much as we love the Tag Lines we create for you and your organizations, this year we are re-focusing our basics.  What this means for you is a quick and easy overview of the does and don’ts of In-Store Banking 2012 style, I know a catchy phrase again, couldn’t help it!

Step away from the clutter!  Seriously! Step Away!  If you are like most in-stores, your location has been opened for a long time.  It is a small space.  No matter how particular you are on organization, you need to check again.  Literally step back and look at your space through the eyes of a potential customer with a large check in their pocket.  Is the laminate on the counter chipped?  Are pieces of the trim coming unglued?  Is your FDIC posting written all over?  Are the chairs duck taped together?  Cabinets door coming off the hinge?  Better yet, the back room door jimmied open?  I bet that’s pretty.  This is a hard look at your baby, we’re not saying it’s ugly, well…….

Once your branch is looking hot, you get to tackle the best part of Marketing 2012 Style…the employees at the branch (I am talking to you as well!)  Here at IBT, we refer to your time at work much like being in a show!  Every movement made can and is visible to a large audience.  It’s Showtime!  From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you represent your organization.  So no stealing a person’s parking space!  The way you interact at the branch is on full display for all to see.  You have a boring bunch of employees who sit on their rumps flipping through the magazines…translation….you are boring, your organization is boring and you are going to be bought real soon cause you sure as heck have no business coming in to make you look less boring than you already are.  Just by standing, using those legs of yours, ups your percentage of obtaining new business tremendously.   Again step away from your center and watch the interaction of your employees.  Is Debbie telling Tracy the drama of her morning?  Can you tell by their body language if it was a good day for these ladies?  I bet you can.  I also bet everyone else can as well.  I know, scary! A pretty poster can’t hide your ugly babies, trust me, I am an expert!

We have a bucket load of ways to increase how you “show” to others.  Seeking information to better yourself, your team, and your company is the best thing you can do to make your life easier.