Virtualizing the ATM Network

Virtualizing ATM networks are a great way for FI’s to decrease operating costs and increase efficiencies all the while improving the customer experience. According to a recent Deibold whitepaper virtualizing ATM networks are the first step in changing the ATM software paradigm. As it exists today, virtualization technology can allow immediate improvements in availability, security and TCO.  In addition,  ATM’s will be more compatible with cloud services platforms of the future.

Diebold White Paper on Virtualizing the ATM Network

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The Need For Leed

“Green” and “sustainability” have become household words. These practices are great for the Earth, they improve one’s quality of life and they can generate measurable business results. With this increased awareness, architects and designers have seen a growing number of clients requesting green services. The question we need to ask is to what level of green our clients can commit.

Although it is generally agreed upon that green building is an important practice, it is crucial that this new design trend ...

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Three Benefits of Using a Restaurant Design Build Firm

Operators can underestimate the amount of work involved in opening a restaurant. A design build firm can help streamline the process and ensure success. This white paper, sponsored by IBT Enterprises, discusses three benefits of using a design build firm when opening a restaurant, as well as how to choose the design build firm that best meets an operator’s needs. Benefits include:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost
  • Experience

The right partner can increase speed to market, ...

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Marketing Your Branch, 2012 Style

Every year we provide you with great ideas for  Marketing your location.  Over the years we have evolved our approach to fit into the ever changing world inside your retail center.  This year we are giving you our overview of Marketing 2012 Style, I know it’s a catchy phrase!  If you are reading this paper, then you or someone you know makes their living at an In-Store financial Center.  If you are a client of IBT Enterprises, then you have ...

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