Sales TrainingAt IBT we have developed a new model for educating your talent in order to build a workforce, which through your customer’s eyes will be a differentiator. By addressing the workforce issues that truly matter to employees and customers, and by taking steps to satisfy their personal objectives, we have the opportunity to better leverage the customer-facing workforce to help drive solid gains in customer loyalty and enable sustainable growth.

While formal training programs are helpful for employees who are new to the organization or inexperienced, most people learn best by tackling on-the-job, or real-time situations with their co-workers. An analysis by Lexis-Nexis found that 67% of people said they learn most when working together with a colleague on a task in real-time, while only 2% said through a manual or textbook. The most fruitful learning opportunities come from learning “trial-by-fire” experiences that put people outside their comfort zones.

Our 2012 offerings include:

Customized Leadership Workshops 

These workshops are designed to address current challenges, identify opportunities for development, and provide a more extensive base of knowledge and skill level around the coaching process.

Exceptional Enagagement

This face-to-face, hands-on two-day (2) program draws on real-world experiences in the retail industry that are informative, self motivating and engaging. With one day spent within the safe zone of the classroom and the second day spent engaged live in your retail world.

IBT offers a variety of programs, workshops and real-time events that are customized to meet the changing needs of your organization. Contact the Client Solutions Center toll free at 877-242-8428 or request more information by email at

"Exceptional Engagement is the primary reason customers did not leave our organization during the economic downturn."–Sandro Dinello, President, Flagstar Bank